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Posts on new art installations in the city of Calgary.

Northern Lights. Image via Westbank

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YYCBump Murals Fill The Streets

August means it's mural season once again and the brains and artists from YYCBump will be beautifying the streets adding murals across the Beltline and Downtown areas. Check out the festivities and the mural map.   Welcome to the 2023 BUMP FESTIVAL!  We are a...

(Re)Imagining Inclusion Community-based art

Artists: Medina Ardic, Firuze Avci, Melika Forouzan Pour, Shiyao Fu, Tayebe Joodaki, Maryam Mahdavian Research and facilitation by Nurgül Balaç Rodriguez An installation at Contemporary Calgary includes local artists part of marginalized people groups. Here is the...

Beyond Van Gogh Calgary Worth It?

Beyond Van Gogh Calgary Worth It?

Re-opening again at the end of October for a two-week run until November 8th, the Beyond Van Gough exhibit has worked within the confines of the COVID-19 pandemic and provided a surreal exhibit for visitors. If you've thought that you could just find a bunch of...

2021 Bump Murals and Festival

2021 Bump Murals and Festival

Upcoming is another fantastic year to look at wonderful mural art. Street art or urban art is a wonderful way to beautify the inner-city, transforming blank canvasses such as walls and and buildings, into art. It elevates the neighbourhood and the city. You can find...

2020 YYC Bump Murals

There may be a global pandemic in our midst, but that hasn't stopped the team behind BUMP to curate another year of murals. Beautifying the inner-city with art is one way to not only develop resiliency and pride in a neighborhood, but it's an act of restoration....

2019 BUMP Festival Marks New Murals

BUMP stands for "Beltline Urban Mural Project" and is a wonderful community-driven project designed to showcase art, promote Calgary, and transform the city into a beautiful space. 2019 marks the third year of the program what see local and international artists...

Telus Sky Building Nearing Completion

Took about a year and a half but the finished goods are nearly fully functional. On top of the incongruous design, the windows light up during the night. Did you see the TELUS Sky lit up last night? from r/Calgary DT Calgary - Telus Sky Tower from r/Calgary

Calgary’s New Central Library a thing of lasting beauty

Calgary’s New Central Library a thing of lasting beauty

Public infrastructure is crucial to building resilient cities. That includes libraries, which is a public good everyone can participate in. When you build libraries, particularly the new Central Library, you invest in the future. Plus this library will last...

Inner-City Mural Tour with YYC Bump

Inner-City Mural Tour with YYC Bump

One of the important pieces that makes a city world-class is public art. Beautiful cities have a wide array of public art and installations for citizens and patrons to enjoy. Calgary has added a wonderful addition to their inner-city Beltline district (blocks south of...